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W O O F ?

Won’t the grass have a bad odor after use?💦

If your dog uses the Pottybox everyday, then we recommend cleaning at least once a day. Spray the grass with a pet urine remover, before & after rinsing with water, to keep the grass fresh and you should have no problems!

For more info, see below TIPS & HOW TO CLEAN.

How do I clean the grass?🚿

Method 1: Connect the pipe from the Pottybox to a drain and spray the grass with a water hose.

Method 2: Place a bucket underneath the Pottybox and alternate buckets when cleaning & pouring.

For more info, see below TIPS & HOW TO CLEAN.

How do I teach my dog to use the Pottybox?♻

Be patient! Give your dog some time and let them find the grass on their own.

For more info, see below TRICKS.

My dogs go potty outside, will they use the Pottybox?🌱

Most dogs naturally and quickly use the Pottybox because the artificial grass looks and feels like real grass. Some dogs may need some extra time and training.

See section below TRICKS for extra help.

Can my dog use the grass pad by itself?🍃

Some customers use the grass pad on top of a paper pad or another brand’s plastic pad but we do not recommend this. The grass pad was designed to be integrated with the Pottybox for an easy-to-clean, self-draining system.

Is there a larger size for big dogs?🐕

We only have one size artificial grass pad (62 x 46 cm) and pottybox (68 x 52 x 14 cm). We apologize to big dog parents for the inconvenience. Dogs larger than 20kg can have a difficult time and may need extra training. However, some big dog parents have success by combining 2-3 Pottyboxes!

Can toy dogs use the Pottybox?🐩

Even the smallest dog should have no problem walking onto the Pottybox (14cm height). You can place a brick at the base to make it even easier for your dog.

Will the grass attract bugs or bacteria?🔆

We’ve never had any issues with bugs or bacteria. However, we recommend using baking soda & vinegar mix or a pet urine remover from your local pet store to keep the grass fresh for your dog.

How do I clean poop?🚽

Pick it up and flush it down the toilet! If your dog doesn’t poop solid, we recommend adding some fiber to their diet. Try feeding your dog a moderate amount of pumpkin, bananas and apples for vitamins and fiber. If this is not helpful then we recommend changing their main food source completely.

What if my dogs raise their leg when they pee?⛳

You can tape a pee pad or lean a plastic pad against the wall. Or try placing a full water bottle or a similar shaped object on the grass so your dog has a target.

If I connect the hose to a veranda/bathroom drain, is this bad for my neighbors?🏠

Urine will gather in the hose until you wash down the grass with water.
Fact: The drains in your veranda and bathroom floor connect to the same sewage pipes as your toilet!


• Clean the Pottybox once a day if used daily.

• Spray the grass with a pet urine remover, before & after rinsing with water, to fully remove odor and keep the grass clean.

• Enzyme-based pet urine removers or a baking soda & vinegar mix are safe and effective cleaners for dog urine.

• For frequent users, alternate between an extra grass pad to help with cleaning and drying.



• Be Patient!
Some dogs need time to become acquainted with the new grass.

• Do not put treats on the grass!
This will confuse your doggy and they will only go on the grass for treats. Only give them treats after they complete their mission!

• Rub your dog’s urine on the grass so they can recognize its a place to pee, not a place to lay down.

• Remove other paper or plastic pads so your dog doesn’t have options.
This can lead to accidents at first but don’t give up!

• If your dog only uses a paper pad, place just the grass pad on top of a larger paper pad to help transition to the Pottybox.



A. SPRAY & DRAIN with pipe

1. Connect the pipe from the Pottybox to a drain

2. Be patient! Let your dog naturally find the grass.

3. Rinse the grass with water!
(Spray the grass with a pet urine remover, before & after rinsing, to fully remove odor)

B. POUR & CATCH with buckets

1. Place 1 bucket underneath the Pottybox.
(If you will be away for a long time, add a small amount of water & pet urine remover in the bucket to help prevent odor)

2. Putting your dog’s urine scent on the grass will help teach them it is their new spot!

3. Pour water over the grass and wait at least 5 minutes to let it fully drain. (Spray the grass with a pet urine remover, before & after rinsing, to fully remove odor)

4. Swap the empty bucket with the full bucket underneath the Pottybox.

5. Flush the liquid waste down the toilet!

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