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While living in a dense city, working full time and raising dogs, we faced many challenges with our dogs’ potty that most dog owners can relate to. We decided to take on a difficult task of solving ALL of these issues with one single appliance and from there, we created the Petgreen Pottybox.

The most globally significant concern was waste from pet pee pads, which are one-time use and cannot be recycled. Even biodegradable pads take a long time to breakdown. Our artificial grass pads are specifically designed for pet potty uses and lasts at least 10 years.

Next was the issue with dogs who hold their pee and poop until they are taken outside. Many dogs don’t like to use pee pads or trays but holding bowel movements can lead to urinary tract infection or other serious health problems. This is where the Petgreen Pottybox is helpful for many customers whose dogs find that the artificial grass closely resembles real grass enough for them to break their holding habits.

The last and most difficult problem was to make the cleaning job easy!

Unlike other similar products that use premade artificial grass, our grass is custom manufactured for our product only. The grass is shorter and less dense. The backing is open mesh for full permeability and doesn’t absorb urine like most other artificial grass. Also, if you look closely at the main body, you will notice that we meticulously designed the Pottybox to have maximum drainage from top to bottom.

Reduce your global footprint by ditching pee pads and join Petgreen!

#zerowaste #reducereuserecycle #petgreen

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